Once again the winds are going to be the most noticeable aspect of the weather over the next couple of days. A cold front will very slowly creep onshore kicking up some dry southwest winds Thursday (gusting to 40 mph) and Friday (even stronger, likely gusting to 45+ with blowing dust.) because of the dry winds, a Red Flag Warning is in effect for the region around Reno both afternoons because of increased fire danger. Highs both days will top out in the mid-80s, and will cool to the upper 70s over the weekend, by which time the winds should back off a bit.


Loma Prieta earthquake, 1989

A reader wondered how far away a 7.0 magnitude earthquake would have an effect. It depends on how you define “effect.” The Loma Prieta (a 6.9- earthquake 7.1 quake, depending on measurement type) in 1989 centered in the San Francisco area could be felt by some people over here in Reno, but we weren’t really impacted. But a 7.0 quake can cause damage 100-150 miles away. The distance shrinks very rapidly as the magnitude drops.

But can an earthquake far away affect the tectonics (earthquake potential) in another area? More on that tomorrow.