The forecast will be a result of a combination of warm temperatures along with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms for Friday. A weak low pressure system will creep onto the central California coast Friday, lending just enough upper level dynamics to give us about a one in three chance of seeing a thunderstorm in Reno and Lake Tahoe. As we head into the weekend, the skies begin to clear out, and we will see a return to sunny conditions by Sunday and Monday with temperatures easing down into the lower 90s.


Yesterday I mentioned that we sweat to cool ourselves off. Now here’s where the humidity can throw a monkey wrench into the works. The faster the water can evaporate, the more efficient this cooling mechanism works. Water evaporates faster in dry air; therefore a dry heat is more tolerable than a humid heat. When the humidity is high, the body keeps pouring out sweat, but it isn’t doing much good because it isn’t evaporating very fast. This just causes the brain to signal for more water, you feel miserable, and the folks who make Right Guard put their kids through college.