It will be a very sunny week ahead, but with a low pressure center hanging around the Pacific Northwest, it will also be breezy and relatively cool. High temperatures will hover around the 90 degree mark Wednesday and Thursday, before dropping into the mid to lower 80s over the weekend. Wind gusts on Wednesday could reach the 30s, and then after a brief falling off Thursday get pretty strong again over the weekend, once again raising the specter of fire danger.


I get a lot of questions here in this job. One of the toughest to answer is along the lines of this one from Mike: “In a nutshell, why is predicting the weather so hard? Using a computer, and measuring the temperature and currents of the ocean, the jet stream, and knowing how cloud cover will cool the surface terrain and waters, how come the computer can’t know with 100% certainty what the weather will be? Where does the randomness come from?”

Seems like it should be easy, shouldn’t it? But as with most things, there’s a lot more to the story. I’ll start telling it tomorrow.