There will be a lot of blue skies out there over the next week, but a gradual cooling trend as we head into the weekend will keep us in pretty windy conditions, especially Friday and Saturday. Because of the windy and dry conditions, a Fire Weather Watch for Friday and Saturday has been posted. Until then, Thursday will be only moderately breezy in the afternoon with a high near 90, and then as a dry cold front passes through temperatures will fall to the low 80 by Sunday before rebounding to 90 by mid-next week.


So with all the computing power available to us now, why is forecasting the weather still fraught with uncertainty? In a nutshell, it comes down to Chaos Theory, as well as the old “Garbage in… Garbage out” conundrum. The atmosphere is such a complicated system, in order to always get it right, you’d have to know what every single molecule of the atmosphere is doing at any one time… an impossibility given our limited means of measuring. As a result, we have to do it in bits and pieces. More on this tomorrow.