Very stable airflow will keep us sunny throughout the forecast period, and a building ridge of high pressure will also keep us on a slow but steady warming trend. A weak low pressure center will move into the Pacific Northwest which will once again kick up some afternoon winds here in the western valleys, and another Red Flag Fire warning is in effect Thursday afternoon. Look for the high temperatures to peak in the low to mid-90s Thursday, rise to the upper 90s by the weekend, and top 100 degrees by Tuesday.


Many have mentioned to me that this summer seems to have more wind and fewer thunderstorms than most. I would agree, and the reason is the same for each. Thunderstorms typically form this time of year thanks to a light southerly flow coming up around a high pressure center near the 4-Corners region. But we’ve had a pretty stubborn trough of low pressure off the Northwest coast which steers in a stable southwest flow off the ocean. This southwest flow also enhances the daily “Washoe Zephyr” breeze caused by heating effects, resulting in extra wind and less thunderstorms.


500 mb chart for Thursday (7/21/16) pm