The temperature track will stay on a slow but steady increase through the weekend and into next week. The weak low pressure center that pushed into the pacific Northwest will transition off to the east, allowing the high pressure ridge to build in more strongly over the next several days, easing the winds and boosting temperatures into the upper 90s over the weekend and into the low triple digits by early next week. At this time, the ridge looks flat enough so that even with the very warm temperatures the chance of thunderstorm development remains small.


Don wondered: “I used to see grasshoppers all over, but haven’t seen one in years. There’s definitely less grasshoppers in the Reno area. Why?”

Grasshoppers (along with Mormon Crickets) tend to come and go in waves from year to year. Many things can have an effect on their summer population, including late spring freezes which can put a dent in their populations while they are still vulnerable in their larval stages. We had a few late season freezes this spring, and I’m guessing that is what happened this time around.