A low pressure center moving slowly though the Pacific Northwest will cool us off a bit through midweek, but with the cooler temperatures, the winds will drop off a bit, and the skies will continue to be clear. Look for high temperatures to stay in the upper 90s Tuesday and Wednesday before the ridge of high pressure builds back in as we head into the weekend, pushing the highs back into the mid-90s Friday and Saturday.


I got this in my in-box: “I know we have a big meteor shower coming up. In fact, as I recall, we always seem to get one this time of year. Why is that? And what’s the best way to catch them? Will using a telescope help?”

You are right about a big meteor shower coming our way. The Perseid Meteor shower will peak on August 11-12. It should be one of the better ones that we’ve seen over the last few years, and that’s saying something because the Perseid is always one of, if not the best yearly meteor shower year in and year out. More on this tomorrow.