High pressure across the west coast building in from the Pacific will continue to keep us in this sunny and moderately warm pattern through the weekend. High temperatures will climb into the low 90s by Saturday, and winds will be generally light. On Monday, a low pressure center will drop into the region, which will cool things off, and could bring an isolated shower or thunderstorm to the area.


More on Rainbows. Raindrops act like prisms to split sunlight into its component colors. But the vector physics involved in creating the smooth, broad arc of colors can get very confusing. Without some pretty involved drawings that are out of the scope of this humble space, it is very tough to really explain how we can see a continuous span of color. But I’ll take a stab.


First of all, rainbows are curved because raindrops are round. And you aren’t seeing a “projection” or “beam” of light across the sky. Instead, what you see are individual raindrops of different colors… the color being dependent on where you are standing. And the “red” raindrop you are seeing will be a different color to someone standing apart from you. It’s also why you will never find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, since the rainbow “moves” as you do.