Temperatures will continue to fall as a cold low pressure center moves through the region this weekend. Highs on Saturday will drop to near 70 degrees and then fall another 10 degrees on Sunday with a chance of showers. Snow levels will drop to below mountain pass levels, and travel Sunday night and Monday morning could be impacted. Highs will continue to fall into the 50s on Monday before rebounding a bit into the 60s on Tuesday.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve talked about how wind blowing over plumbing vent pipes on your roof can cause the water level in your toilet basin to fluctuate. It’s been asked if a strong enough wind could suck all the water out, opening up the S-traps? If it did, the sewer odors could flow back up into the house. Fortunately, that’s not very likely. I suppose that a wind on a scale of a tornado moving across the vent pipes might be enough to suck the water right out of your toilet bowl, but if that occurs, you’ve got a lot bigger issues than smelly bathrooms.