We have another cool day on tap for Wednesday as a second low pressure center moves through the northeast corner of the Silver State. The path of the low will keep us dry throughout the day, but will keep our high temperatures in the mid-60s Wednesday. As the low continues to move eastward, temperatures will rebound, climbing into the upper 60s on Thursday, mid 70s on Friday and up into the upper 70s for the weekend.


We’ve had our share of frosty weather the last few days. Rob wondered: “It seems that we can get frost on the golf course when the temperature is above freezing (as happened this morning at Red Hawk). Is that true? And if so, how?”

This has always been one of the most misunderstood things about trying to dodge the dangers of frost. Most people look at a forecast, and as long as the temperature isn’t expected to drop to or below freezing, they think they are OK. But there’s more going on here than meets the thermometer. Tomorrow I’ll geek out a little and talk about heat transfer to try and answer Rob’s question.