After a quick summer-like refresher this last weekend, we are going to head back into a more fall-like pattern for the rest of the week. A trough of low pressure is slowly dropping out of the Gulf of Alaska, which will cool us slowly with dry conditions and occasional cloudiness through most of the work week. Highs on Tuesday will top out in the mid to upper 70s, and they will fall to the upper 60s by Friday, as gusty winds and scattered rain showers will be with us through the weekend.


This landed in my in-box: “We were driving over the hill into Incline Village the other day, and my wife noticed some funny looking towers with some instruments hanging off of them.  Since I hadn’t seen them before, I thought they might be traffic counters, but my wife said they were something to help catch speeders. Then I noticed a wind gauge. Do you know what these things are, or could you tell me how I could find out? The Missus and I are still arguing about it.”

It’s not often I can tell the public about a way the Dept. of Transportation is utilizing technology, and save a marriage at the same time. I’ll start on both tomorrow.