We have a bit of a break in the action for Wednesday as the low pressure center off the Pacific Northwest backs off for just a bit, allowing our high temperatures to climb back into the 70s. On Thursday, a split in the trough comes up around the base of the flow, picking up some sub-tropical moisture on the way. Late Thursday into Friday morning we should expect a fair amount of rain, with temperatures falling to the upper 60s Thursday and then dropping another 10 degrees on Friday. A brief break occurs Friday night and Saturday morning before the next series of storms arrives in the second half of the week.


“Windy” said she was leaving town this week for 10 days, and wondered if it was OK to turn off her sprinklers. That’s always a tough call for me to make, because everybody’s irrigation system is different, with different tolerances for cold. With all the moisture we have had, and with the prospect for more to come, I think she would be safe to turn them off for a couple of weeks. For everyone else, we certainly can cut back a significant amount.