Our Indian Summer weather pattern will continue through most of the work week as a very strong ridge of high pressure sticks around. Wednesday’s high temperature should reach the low 70s again in the valleys, and will stay near 70 through the weekend without a realistic chance of any precipitation, even though we will see some cloudiness toward the end of the week. At this point it looks like our next chance of getting any precipitation won’t occur until the middle of next week.


Yesterday we talked a bit about sunrise, and that around here (thanks to our mountains) you will almost always see the sun first (visual sunrise) after the official sunrise time listed by the US Naval Observatory. If you are tucked up against the west side of the valley you will lose the sun much earlier than if you are over on the east side. That’s why you have to assume a flat horizon to give an official sunset/sunrise. Otherwise, you’d have an infinite number of times depending on where you are located within a single city.