There is a lot of weather to talk about this week. In the short term, a mostly dry and cold airmass is moving into the region Tuesday and Wednesday, and a few snow showers are possible, but it is unlikely to produce any accumulation. Highs on Tuesday drop to the low-40s and will fall further to the mid-30s Wednesday with lows in the teens Wednesday morning.

Following that, a wetter and warmer system with hints of an atmospheric river moves in early Thursday. One of the main concerns with this system is the possibility early Thursday morning of either snow or freezing rain which could obviously affect the morning commute. Temperatures warm up so that any snow will turn to rain by late Thursday, and showers could last into Friday. Temperatures on Thursday will rise to the upper 40s and then climb into the mid-50s on Friday. This second storm could bring significant precipitation to the mountains, and although snow levels are difficult to predict this far out, it is likely there will be some travel impacts over the passes from late Wednesday night through Friday.