We have two more dry and relatively warm days ahead here in western Nevada before some significant changes come in as we roll into the New Year. A broad ridge of high pressure will keep our skies clear Thursday, and light winds will make temperature inversions likely and temperature forecasts tricky. If we don’t break out of the inversions, valley highs will probably stay in the upper 40s, but if the inversions break then highs in the 50s are certainly possible.

On Friday, clouds approach from a low pressure center from the south, but will probably get shoved back to the southeast as a cold front drops down from the north. That front passes through Saturday, but looks to be fairly weak and only has a slight chance of giving us any showers. Midnight on New Year’s Eve is likely to be dry with temperatures somewhere around freezing.


Forecast Surface Chart for Late Monday night

A very cold Arctic airmass then moves into the region late Sunday through the first half of next week, with a chance of snow, and very cold temperatures that mat stay below freezing through the middle of the week.