Some significant changes are in store for us as we turn the calendar over into the New Year. Friday will bring a few clouds but will be fairly mild with highs in the low 50s, but over the weekend the flow will turn around and come out of the north, bringing a slight chance of rain or snow Saturday afternoon and dropping our high temperatures into the lower 40s. (Midnight New Year’s conditions should be dry and somewhere around the freezing line.) On New Year’s Day, another weak to moderate storm drops out of the north, bringing another chance of snow to the region, with our best shot at valley snow early Monday through Tuesday. Temperatures plummet next week, with highs mostly staying in the 20s, and the possibility of single digit low temperatures by late in the week.


Chuck wrote in: “Mike, just what is this “pressure” thing that you always talk about? Is there a difference between “air pressure” and “barometric pressure”? And just what causes air pressure, anyway?”

For me, pressure is when two inches of “partly cloudy” ends up on someone’s outdoor wedding reception. But I don’t suppose you wrote just to hear me complain, did you? Tomorrow I’ll elaborate on your question.