A very active weather pattern has set up for the next week, if not for longer. In the short term, a fairly cold but warming storm will move through the region Wednesday into Thursday bringing heavy snow to the mountains and rain and snow to the valleys, with the snow level rising to about 6,000’ during the day Wednesday. High temperatures will warm up Wednesday into the mid-40s before a Wednesday night cold front moves through early Thursday morning, dropping the snow level back to somewhere around the valley floors again. The weather clears up Friday with a chilly day, and then an atmospheric river storm system comes charging back into the region over the weekend, bringing significant rain to the Reno area, and rain or snow to the mountains. The snow levels for the weekend storm will likely be high, but could vary between 6,500’ to perhaps as high as 9,000’. The possibility of heavy high elevation rain will cause some flooding concerns, possibly even on some of the mainstream rivers, although the heavy recent snowfall should absorb a lot of rain that will fall.