We have one more storm to get through before things finally calm down and dry up for the weekend. A split-off low pressure center will rotate around the west side of the Tahoe area and move through to the south of us. This could put it in a position close to Tonopah Low, and should rotate some moisture around into our region.  A mountain Winter Storm Warning continues through 10 PM Thursday with another 4-12 inches of mountain snow possible. For the Valleys, a Winter Weather Advisory is in effect Thursday, with 1-4” possible in the Reno area, and more possible south of Highway 50.

As we head into Friday, the whole system sags farther to the southeast, which will allow us to dry out. The next shot at more storms doesn’t come through until the middle of next week.


I don’t have to tell you it’s been wet…but just how wet are we talking about? Maybe this will help put it into perspective. As of Wednesday afternoon (1/11/17), the Reno airport has recorded 4.24” of precipitation. Even if we didn’t receive another drop the rest of the month it would be the wettest January that we have had in over 100 years. And we are only a third of the way through the month.