The strong valley temperature inversions will begin to break up as a low pressure center slowly approaches the coast. Valley temperatures will rise into the 50s Tuesday (with some haze left over) and Wednesday under clouds out ahead of said low, but it’s not likely we will get any precipitation that early in the game. Once we get through Wednesday, rain and snow will move into the region. Snow levels will begin in the 5,500-6,500’ level late Wednesday night, but will rise to around 7,000+’ later Thursday. There is a Winter Storm Watch from Wednesday night through Friday evening. Higher elevations of the mountains could see a foot or more of additional snowfall when everything is said and done, and things should dry up if not clear off completely over the weekend.


“I was wondering why the range in temperatures in Virginia City between daytime highs and nighttime lows is narrower than in Reno? Their high never seems to be as high which is understandable since they’re nearly two thousand feet higher in elevation, but why are their lows warmer?” It’s a great question…one which I will tackle tomorrow.