Our insane winter continues. A Flood Watch continues through Tuesday mid-morning with cooling temperatures that will bring the snow levels down close to the valley floors by Tuesday afternoon. Expect fairly heavy rain to gradually switch over to snow showers. The mountains will continue to pile up snow with a Winter Storm Warning in effect until 4 pm Thursday. As the precipitation begins to wane through the rest of the week, the flow turns to come out of the northwest, and temperatures will cool down into the 30s with a chance of snow showers off and on through the rest of the week.


As is usually the case when we get weather that is out of the ordinary (and by pretty much any metric, this has been an extraordinary winter), I will get people asking me what’s causing it. The overly simplified answer (with a dash of facetiousness) is the unusual winter is caused by a whole lot of rain and snow. But is there a single meteorological answer to it? Not really, although there are a lot of factors involved in what’s going on. Tomorrow, I’ll start with what’s not causing it.