After scattered snow Tuesday night, we are probably going to get a bit of a break over the next few days. Scattered to isolated snow showers Wednesday will probably break up to partly cloudy conditions Thursday and Friday, before another series of storms move through the region over the weekend, likely bringing another round of snow, and likely to all elevations. Temperatures will likely stay near the upper 30s throughout the rest of the week, with overnight lows dropping to the low 20s and possibly the upper teens.


We’ve been talking about how extraordinary this winter has been. At last check, after January clocked in as the wettest in Reno since they began taking records at the airport (1942), February has already accumulated enough precipitation to rank 3rd using the same criteria. What’s the reason? Let’s first talk about what isn’t the reason: El Niño. I’ve had a lot of people writing to ask me why we haven’t been talking about El Niño. There’s a good reason for that: There isn’t an El Niño right now, and there hasn’t been one out there for about a year. We’ve been anywhere from a weak La Niña to neutral conditions since. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what is happening.