While we still could see some scattered snow showers on Thursday, we do have a bit of a break in the action that should allow us to recover a bit while we prepare for another couple winter storms over the weekend. Temperatures will remain quite chilly throughout as the flow swings around out of the northwest. Imbedded in the flow are a few weak impulses that could spring a few snow showers Thursday, but it’s not likely it will result in more that small localized accumulations. Late on Saturday, the first of a couple chilly winter storms moves back into the area, with snow showers in the valley (and heavier amounts in the mountains) once again causing some travel challenges.


So just what might be causing all this record setting precipitation this winter? Well, it’s never a simple cut and dry answer, but there are a few things going on that almost always accompany record rainfall around here, especially during atmospheric rivers (aka Pineapple Expresses). There’s a phenomenon called a Madden-Jullian Oscillation that occurs out in the Pacific Ocean. It’s a travelling wave pattern that goes from west-to east across the tropical Pacific. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how that helps get the Pineapple rolling.