While I don’t expect any temperature records to fall this week, after the winter we’ve had, it’s going to seem like it. A west coast ridge of high pressure will keep the storm track to our north, and will keep our temperatures in the 70s and 60s throughout the rest of the week. After a sunny Tuesday (with highs in the mid-70s) a Gulf of Alaska low will make a run at us, but the ridge will keep everything but some clouds from getting into the region. Winds will be fairly light Tuesday before picking us a bit mid-week.

At this point, looking a little further out than I generally like to do, there is some indication that we may get back into a stormy track sometime next week.


When last we met, we were talking about different types of snow, and snow pellets (graupel) seem to be a favorite. Jeanie asked: “You referred to graupel… is this the same as “corn snow”?  What would be the difference?”

It isn’t the same. One is a type of snow that falls… the other a type of snow after it falls. More on the tomorrow.