I hope you’ve enjoyed the spring-like weather we’ve had of late…because it will likely not last through the weekend. The ridge of high pressure that has given us the near record high temperatures is slowly weakening, and over the next several days clouds breaking over the top of the ridge will transition to a possibility of showers by Saturday. Even with that the temperatures will stay above average (in the 70s) through Friday before falling into the 60s over the weekend. A stronger and colder series of storms will move into the region starting next week, bringing back valley rain and mountain snow.

duck hunters

Sometimes I get a question that just begs to be made public … like this one: “We are two old codgers who have hunted ducks together in the Carson Valley for 61 years. We usually agree on most things, but last month we both noticed that the barometer did not go very low considering the amount of precipitation we had.

“The old codger down the road says that in a warm storm the barometric pressure does not get as low as in a cold pattern. Of course I disagreed saying that the barometric pressure is more affected by the location of the center of the low in respect to our area. Please help us out on this one, and don’t worry duck season is over and our shotguns are empty.”

While I hate to get into the middle of a feud between people who regularly entertain themselves with firearms, tomorrow I’ll try to make them both happy.