It looks like the weather is going to turn back into a stormy pattern for western Nevada and the Sierra Nevada next week, with a chance of some rain coming in over the weekend, but that chance becomes likely once the next work week begins.

For Friday, temperatures pop back up into the mid to upper 70s ahead of a weak to moderate cold front coming through the region on Saturday. We will probably get shadowed out here on this side of the mountains with that storm, but the mountains could see some rain with high elevation (above 8,000’) snowfall. After a break on Sunday, a series of moderate to strong storms move through the west coast, dropping the storm track again and putting us in the bulls-eye. Those storms will get progressively warmer, dropping snow levels down to Lake Tahoe by mid-week, and possibly all the way down to the valley floor by the end of the week. High temperatures will be in the mid-60s through Monday and will fall to the mid-50s Tuesday through Thursday.