We have one more storm to come through the region as we head toward the end of this work week, but not before we warm things up on Wednesday. A chilly and unsettled trough of low pressure will approach Wednesday, drawing up a light and warm flow. Look for afternoon highs to reach near 70. Clouds out ahead of the Thursday storm will be seen Wednesday, but conditions will be dry and mild.

When the trough pushes through Thursday, winds will kick up (gusting to 55 mph in the valleys), and a chance of rain and/or snow (likely snow pellets) in the valley occurs, with even a slight chance of seeing an isolated thunderstorm. High temperatures will drop into the lower 50s.

The storm passes through quickly, and temperatures will rebound to the 60s by Saturday and to near 70 by Sunday.

Wind power

Yesterday, Ron assumed the wind needs to blow 20 mph before wind farms can generate electricity, but they will produce at lesser windspeeds, just not as much. But there will be times with inadequate wind to produce electricity. They are not meant to replace all electric production, but to supplement the overall grid. Other sources are needed, and I’ll talk about those tomorrow.