While we probably won’t see as strong a storm pattern as we saw last week, we still have some reasonable active weather coming through the region the next several days. A weak storm Tuesday will bring scattered rain and snow showers to the mountains (SL: 6,000-6,500’) with an isolated shower in the valley. After a brief pause Wednesday morning a somewhat stronger storm comes through the region bringing a foot or more snow to the upper levels of the mountains with scattered rain and snow to the valleys. Winds will pick up Tuesday afternoon a bit, gusting to about 30 mph and will increase to gusts in the 40s Wednesday afternoon. Showers of rain and snow continue through Thursday before breaking up by the end of the week.

records broken Reno

Weather aficionados love records. Whether it is the highest wind or the coldest temperature, it is always fun to see an old mark fall. But usually, it is measured in degrees or miles per hour.

But how about 1,307 feet?

Admittedly, that seems to be an odd number when talking about a meteorological benchmark. So just what kind of record in the world of weather amounts to about a quarter of a mile? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

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