We have some clearing coming for the end of the work week and the beginning of the Easter Weekend. Very chilly temperatures will greet us Friday morning with a hard freeze in all locations, but things will warm up as we head into the weekend, reaching the mid-50s Friday and the mid-60s Saturday.

The next shot at some precipitation comes on Easter Sunday as a couple of weak weather systems come in, but the odds of any rain showers washing out sunrise services or egg hunts is small.

Matt Suter

Yesterday we told of Matt Suter’s incredible quarter mile journey through the air via a tornado. There are bound to be those who will question whether Suter was actually carried that far in the air, as opposed to just getting rolled to his new location. But doctors say his injuries, which were amazingly slight (five staples in his scalp notwithstanding), tend to support the air travel. Had he been rolled on the rough gravel he would have had body abrasions and contusions… injuries he lacked. In addition, there was a barbed wire fence between his starting and stopping points, which he managed to circumvent somehow, and over was the only reasonable path.