We have a couple of storms to get through before we see some clearing in time for the weekend. A moderate storm front will move through the region early Tuesday morning, bring rain and upper-elevation snowfall to western Nevada and the Tahoe area. Tuesday morning rain will turn to showers by the afternoon, and a break in the action comes through Wednesday with partly cloudy skies. Another, somewhat weaker storm moves in late Wednesday night which could bring another round of scattered showers early Thursday morning, after which the skies clear out by Friday leaving us with a sunny and warm weekend ahead.

Precip record N Sierra

April is a very interesting month. We can get temperatures near 90 degrees on one day, and have snow the next. And in fact, it is possible some of the upper-elevation regions could see a little addition to their snowpack this week. Not that they really need it. The numbers just came in last week from six representative mountain snow survey sites, and we have now passed that record for the wettest water year in the northern Sierra, beating the historic 82-83 winter. And just consider this…we still have more than five months left in the water year. It will be interesting to see what the final tally is in October.