While we may see some precipitation this week (specifically Wednesday), the overall pattern isn’t particularly wet or stormy. Tuesday will see the clouds break up a bit with high temperatures at seasonal level in the low to mid-60s. On Wednesday, another weak storm moves through, and most likely most of the modest precipitation will stay in the mountains, although a scattered rain shower in the valley isn’t out of the question. Another dry-ish cold front passes through Friday, dropping temperatures back into the 50s, but over the weekend, the skies should clear and the temperatures will warm into the 60s on Saturday and near 70 on Sunday.

Speed of light

Not all of my questions are strictly weather related. Bob asks: “I have a rhetorical question for you which I know is not weather related, but you seem to veer off the weather path occasionally so I’ll throw it at you. Theoretically, if a vehicle travelling at night with its headlights on were to approach the speed of light, what would happen to the light beam? If it was already travelling at the speed of light and then turned on the headlights, would there even be a beam of light or would the headlamps just glow?”

I’ll tackle that tomorrow.