We have one weak storm to move through the region Wednesday that will possibly bring a few showers, but will most certainly kick up some gusty winds in western Nevada. Snow levels will be quite high so most of the major mountain passes will likely be wet, but not white. The front passes through and things should dry up on Thursday with continued breezy conditions Thursday and Friday, but the offshore ridge of high pressure finally moves on Saturday, bringing calmer, sunnier and warmer conditions through the weekend.

Speed of light

Yesterday, Bob wondered if you were in a car travelling at the speed of light, and you turned the headlights on, would there be a beam of light…going faster than the speed of light? Bob asks the question that has been posed many times before, and as they say, the answer is “relative.” Once you approach the speed of light, time starts to change, and that then changes the definition of “speed”. But let’s go ahead and take our light speed car. Flip on the lights. Would the light go “faster” than the car… and thus faster than the… well… the speed of light? I’ll try and tell you tomorrow.