We shouldn’t have a shortage of sunshine over the next week, with temperatures that will be on the cool side on Friday, but will warm quickly as we go through the weekend. The flat ridge of high pressure will shift onshore, keeping us dry throughout. A northerly flow Friday will drop our highs back into the 50s, but the temperatures will rebound into the mid-60s Saturday and then into the 70s for the next several days thereafter.


Even though our “snow season” in the mountains officially ended on April 1, Kevin McClelland wondered: “I was wondering if there has ever been an April where the snowpack increased or stayed the same from April 1st to April 30?”

Truckee River Basin

I’m sure there has been. The April 1 date is chosen because on average that’s about when the water content is at its peak. But around here we rarely act “normal”, and we have had some years when we’ve added a pretty hefty amount to the snowpack during April. We might add some this April… at the very least we have about broken even since April 1. Not that we really need more.