The weekend weather picture looks pretty awesome if you are planning on outdoor activities. A building ridge of high pressure will push our high temperatures into the mid to upper 60s on Saturday, and then boost them to the mid-70s by Sunday with mostly sunny skies throughout. Temperatures remain in the 70s through most of the next week as well.

Reno airport

Randal Putnam wondered: “How are average temperatures computed? Is a daily high temperature the last 20 years of daily high readings on the date, or is the average reset once a year or some other period?”

Locally, the NWS uses a 30 year rolling average, updated every year. For the numbers that go into the national climate database, they still use a 30 year rolling average, but they only update it at the end of every decade. They won’t update our averages until 2020, so in essence we are looking at the data period between 1980-2010 to give us our averages. There has been significant urban development around the airport since 1980, so our temperatures now should skew significantly higher.



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