We have a real shot at the first 80 degree temperatures in Reno this week, and with that heat comes the possibility of a few showers or thunderstorms later this week. In the short term, our skies should stay clear through mid-week, with a Tuesday high of 76 bumping into the low 80s Wednesday and Thursday. The aforementioned heat will start to pop up some afternoon cloudiness on Thursday and Friday, with an isolated shower or thunderstorm not out of the question. By the weekend, a weak trough of low pressure will move into the region cooling us back into the 60s and bringing scattered showers.

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With these high temperatures, the Federal Watermaster has a delicate balancing act to perform. Since there is more water still in the snowpack than there is space in the reservoirs (including the largest reservoir we have, Lake Tahoe), he has to open up the gates enough to stay ahead of the rising waters. As a result, you can expect the Truckee River to run very high for most or all of the next month…very near or even at low flood stages, which could cover up some of the low bike and walking paths along the river. It’s a good time to keep your distance.