The weather story this week is roughly divided into two chapters… the first being sunny and warm (through the middle of the week) and the second being cooler and a little unsettled, although at this point it looks like any showers will hold off until late in the weekend to early next week. We’ll have sunshine with highs in the upper 70s on Tuesday and the low 80s by Wednesday, but a weak trough will move on the west coast later this week, bringing a few clouds and dropping our highs back into the 60s. The trough deepens enough to bring a few showers by the end of the weekend.


Over the last few days, I’ve been talking about the dangers of hypothermia. So picture this: The boat you’ve gotten out of dry-dock has broken down, and is foundering a mile from shore in Lake Tahoe. You’re wearing a life jacket, and read my previous columns and convinced yourself that you shouldn’t try to swim for shore. What will increase your chances of surviving long enough to get help?

I’ll tell you tomorrow.