Temperatures will continue to rise Wednesday, reaching the 80s in most western valleys, before a weak trough of low pressure moves in later in the work week, dropping us back into the 70s on Thursday and the 60s through the rest of the weekend. The trough will bring some clouds through Saturday, but there’s not much of a chance of getting any showers before Sunday, and then the chance is slight. Unsettled weather continues into the first couple of days of next week.


So you are immersed in cold water, too far from shore to swim in. What do you do? First of all, if anything is still floating, try to get as far out of the water as possible. The less your body is immersed, the less the heat loss. If that’s not an option, and you are alone, wrap your arms around yourself, cross your legs and pull them up to your chest, closing off water access to your armpits and groin area. If there are others, especially smaller children, do a “group hug”, and huddle close together, keeping the little ones in the middle. Don’t tread water, don’t kick off shoes or other clothes, and don’t move except to signal for help.


Let’s hope you never need it.