Some changes to our weather are beginning to line up to our west. Thursday will bring some gusty winds and slightly cooler temperatures as a dry cold front moves through the region. While it may bring some showers to the west side of the Sierra, it’s likely to stay dry on our side of the hills. Winds will gust at or above 35 mph by the afternoon…with the strongest gusts north of I-80. High temperatures will drop to the 70s Thursday, and then fall to the low 60s Friday through the weekend. By the beginning of next week, a chance of showers returns to western Nevada.

smog reno

Last week we celebrated National Air Quality Awareness Week. I hope the loud music didn’t keep you awake. The most common types of pollution affecting us here in western Nevada are Particulate Matter and Ozone. Particulate pollution consists of microscopic particles of dust, ash, smoke, or anything else which can be trapped in filters. This is the most common type of winter air pollution with which we have to deal.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you why this is the case.