\A lot of sunshine and very warm temperatures will still make for a very uneasy time downstream of all the local rivers, although the news appears to be improving for the Walker River, which was feared to be threatened with major flooding, and has since been downgraded to minor to moderate flooding.

A very strong ridge of high pressure will push the jet stream well into British Columbia, and high temperatures in Reno could reach 90 degrees for the first time this year on Tuesday. The temperatures ease off a bit as we go through the week, but stay in the 80s until Friday when they drop back into the 70s.

The Memorial Day Weekend looks to stay clear with high temperatures starting in the upper 70s Saturday and finishing back in the mid-80s on Monday.

flood walker3

Speaking of the Walker River, the flooding situation is looking a little less dire according to the latest forecasts from the Hydrologic Center. The latest forecasts have dropped the expected flooding from major to somewhere between minor and moderate. Some slight changes in temperatures, additional monitoring from emergency gauges and snowmelt that has been slightly less than originally expected has eased the pressure a bit, although care should still be taken near all the area rivers this week.