It is looking like we will get a little cooling going into the Memorial Day Weekend, but things will heat up quickly as we go through the weekend. A weakening ridge of high pressure will allow our temperatures to fall back to near 80 on Thursday and then to the upper 70s (with a few afternoon clouds) on Friday. As we go into the weekend, the ridge reasserts itself, and high temperatures will climb back into the low 80s Saturday, the upper 80s Sunday and then to near 90 degrees on Monday.


Yesterday I mentioned that Mobile, Alabama was the rainiest city in the Lower 48 states. What about the rest of the top 10? The results may surprise you.

After Mobile, you have: Pensacola, FL., New Orleans, LA., West Palm Beach, FL., Lafayette, LA., Baton Rouge, LA., Miami, FL., Port Arthur, TX., Tallahassee, FL. and Lake Charles, LA. round out the list.

Besides the fact that it doesn’t include any cities that are publicly perceived as being rainy places, the interesting thing is most of the precipitation that occurs in these areas doesn’t fall in the winter months… but during the summer. I’ll tell you why tomorrow.