Snow on Monday…90s by Friday…yep, we must be in northern Nevada. As quick as the warm temperatures disappeared into the rain and snow, they will come storming back, without the storms. The cold low pressure center will move out of the Great Basin on Tuesday, and a ridge of high pressure will quickly build back in, bringing sunny skies and much warmer temperatures. Tuesday’s high will pop back up into the mid-70s, Wednesday and Thursday will see a return to the 80s, and Friday will bring 90s that should stick around through the rest of the weekend.


Bob’s from Las Vegas, but comes to our area for about three weeks a year in order to play golf. He said he enjoys this column (whoda thunk?), and that he has lots of questions, but would only trouble me with one. “This high pressure-low pressure thing has me confused. While I associate high pressure with good golfing weather and visa-versa, why does it work that way? Does the low pressure suck out all the good weather, or does the high pressure simply force all the bad weather somewhere else to misbehave?”

Regardless of the answer, I love the way he looks at weather. I’ll answer tomorrow.