It’s a measure of how warm we’ve been lately that the coolest days in the 7 day forecast will still be at or a little above average for this time of year. A dry ridge of high pressure will give us sunny skies with a high temperature on Wednesday near 90 degrees…and that will likely be the coolest day of the next seven. Skies will remain mostly sunny (although a few heat induced clouds could pop up in the afternoons…mainly over the mountains) through the weekend, and temperatures will steadily climb into the upper 90 and maybe even hit 100 by Sunday.

GOES-R Comparison

I’ve been talking about the new GOES-R satellite and what it means to us. First of all, the old satellite’s “cameras” gave us one visible band and four IR (infrared) bands. (A “band” is a picture taken at a specific frequency.) The new bird gives us 6 visible bands (6 bands within the visible spectrum) and 10 IR bands. Why should we care? Each visible frequency can tell us something different about what is going on meteorologically and environmentally, from pointing out fog to thunderstorms…even wildfires. And the IR bands each have their own use as well. I’ll talk more about that tomorrow.