A flat ridge of high pressure will keep our skies clear and our temperatures high through the week. The flat nature of the ridge should keep our airmass stable, but as we go later into the week, the ridge pumps up which will bring more of a southerly flow, which could bring scattered thunderstorms back into the picture by the weekend. High temperatures will start out in the mid-90s, and will slowly climb back into the triple digits by the weekend.

Sunrise Nevada

Tom asked: “Could you please explain why it is that we’ve lost 24 minutes of daylight in the AM yet only 2 minutes in the PM since the days began to get shorter? Why isn’t it more balanced on each end?”

It’s a little tough to explain without holding a model of the earth and the sun, but I’ll try. Basically the reason is because the earth’s orbit is elliptical. What does that have to do with the price of Tea in China? Nothing. But it has lots to do with his question. Tomorrow I’ll try to lay it out for you.