We have another dry week ahead, with more clouds coming from fires than from meteorological origins. Temperatures will remain fairly high, peaking in the mid-90s Wednesday through Friday before climbing back into the upper 90s for the weekend. Winds will be light in the morning, and we can expect a typical afternoon Washoe Zephyr in the afternoons.

temperature gauge

On Saturday, we recorded a high of 99 degrees. Steve wrote in: “My Wife has a thermometer in her car. I’m actually fairly impressed with how accurate it’s been over the past two winters, and summers. Saturday while returning home, as we passed through the area along 395, she’d commented that it was 101 degrees.

At 4:35, around Mill St. it read 102 as the maximum temp. My wife just got back from the market in Carson, and she told me it was 103 at Raley’s. Hope this upsets the apple cart some.”

Naw… it’ll take a lot more than that to upset this cart. First of all, you have to understand one thing about thermometers. They don’t give you the temperature of the air…they just give you the temperature of the thermometer. Really. Tomorrow, I’ll explain why that matters.