The hot temperatures will continue as I expect we will set a new record for consecutive days above 90 degrees at the Reno airport. Friday’s expected high of 95 will make the 36th day in a row of plus-90 temperatures, breaking the old of 35 which was reached three times previously. And it looks like the new record will be only grow with another week of 90s and possibly even 100 possible as we go into the weekend. That heat will allow some isolated thunderstorms to creep back into the forecast Sunday and Monday…otherwise mostly sunny skies (with smoke and/or haze from area fires) will stick around.

thermometer Car location

We’ve been talking the accuracy of car thermometers. One of the problems with them is they are located pretty close to the ground. While that may not seem to be an issue when the car is racing along the highway, keep in mind the sun can heat the pavement up to over 150 degrees F, and the closer to that you are, the hotter the reading is. So it is no surprise that car thermometers this time of year consistently give you higher readings than official weather stations.