Temperatures will remain high through the week, and more records could fall as we welcome September later this week. The heat will combine with favorable airflow to bring a chance of thunderstorms back to the region by Tuesday afternoon. Initially, these thunderstorms have a chance of being relatively dry, and as a result a Fire Weather Watch is in effect Tuesday for far western Nevada with a Red Flag Warning farther to the east. High temperatures will stay in the mid to upper 90s into the weekend, and then have a chance of climbing to triple digits over the weekend.

Sunrise water

Bob asks: “What causes the temperature to drop as much as 5 degrees at sunrise? I start my morning walks before the ‘crack of dawn’ noting the temperature at that time and when I finish (approx 45 minutes later), it has dropped as much as 5 degrees. I live in the south end of the Carson Valley in Gardnerville and I see this temp variation on a regular basis.”

Many wonder if they are just imagining that post-sunrise cool down that Bob describes, but it does occur often… especially on a clear calm morning. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you what causes it.