Thunderstorms will move out of the area for the next few days, but they could return by the end of the weekend. Thursday morning will likely be hazy to smoky due to several fires burning in the region, but apart from that skies should stay mostly clear into the weekend. Temperatures will slowly climb from the mid-90s Thursday to about 100 degrees over the weekend. That heat will combine with light flow to allow the possibility of thunderstorms to develop by the end of the weekend into the middle of next week.

thermometer digital

I had an interesting question from Tim: Temperatures are given to us in whole numbers, like 99 or 100, although I assume they can measure them with more accuracy. Just when does a temperature become 100? Does it have to be halfway (99.5), over halfway (99.6) or get all the way to 100 before it is recognized as such?

The automated weather instruments are precise enough to read the temperatures to tenths of a degree, and they use standard methods to round up or down to the nearest whole degree. That means once a temperature gets to the halfway mark (.5 degree), it is rounded up. So a high of 99.4 goes in the books as 99, but 99.5 will register as 100.