It looks like the lead in to the Labor Day Weekend will be sunny and dry, with a chance of a few thunderstorms coming into the region by the end of the holiday. High temperatures will climb slowly into the upper 90s to near 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. A few clouds will build up Sunday and Monday afternoons, with a slight chance of then developing into isolated thunderstorms. Scattered to isolated thunderstorms will continue through most of next week.

thermometer digital

Yesterday, I mentioned that thermometers can measure to tenths of a degree. Now this begs the next question. “If thermometers can measure to tenths of a degree (or hundredths… thousandths?), why don’t they report the temperatures in more precise terms? For example, the electric company when they bill will charge $ .1187600 for the first 1500 kilowatt-hours use. Or when you go to the store to buy apples the price they charge is like $1.96. When they time an athlete-it is done in hundredths or thousandths. Notice all of these are not rounded, so why would they round the temperature?”

This is a good question, and on the surface, makes a lot of sense. After all, shouldn’t we be more accurate? Tomorrow, I’ll tell you why we don’t.