After another string of triple digit temperatures, there will be a slow easing off of the heat as more moisture comes up from the south, giving us a few more clouds with scattered afternoon thunderstorms. The high Tuesday will still reach the upper 90s with a slight chance of thunderstorms, and will fall to the lower 90s Wednesday with our best chance of storms then. Temperatures fall off into the 80s for the rest of the week with only a slight chance of storms.

thermometer digital

So if thermometers can measure to tenths of a degree, why don’t we report temperatures to that?  Certainly we could report the temperatures to a more exact scale, instead of rounding off to the nearest degree. But the first question I would ask is “Why?” Can you feel the difference between 75.5 degrees, and 75.6 degrees? I can’t tell the difference between 72 and 75 degrees with any certainty, so will sticking in some decimal places do anything for the practical usage of the temperatures for me? But there are other reasons why rounding is actually just as accurate, and I’ll tell you those tomorrow.