A weak southerly flow will continue to bring up a moist and unstable airmass Wednesday creating prime conditions for thunderstorms again. A cooler airmass will also move into the region, dropping the highs to the low 90s Wednesday and the mid to lower 80s for the rest of the work week. There will be just enough heat and moisture around for a slight chance of mainly afternoon thunderstorms through the rest of the week.

thermometer digital

Here’re some reasons we don’t report temperatures to tenths of a degree. To begin with, the temperature around any thermometer probably varies a degree or two within just a few feet. The temperature of the air on the ground on a clear night can be 10 or more degrees cooler than the air at eye level (the approximate height where official temperatures are taken). And even at the same elevation off the ground the temperature can change several degrees in different spots in your yard, not to mention in varying places around town. So what makes the cubic centimeter of air around your thermometer bulb so special? It is only getting a representative sample of all the air at the measuring site. If all that air can vary by more than a degree, it is actually lass accurate to pretend a precision that you can’t reproduce.

And remember: Being more precise doesn’t mean you are being more accurate.