While the odds of getting any rainfall are slight, fall weather will definitely be felt from a temperature standpoint. A cold low pressure center is rotating through the Pacific Northwest, bringing a cold front through our region. Winds will remain brisk for the next couple of days, and high temperatures will fall noticeably. Tuesday will stay dry, but will cool to the low 70s, and temperatures will drop further to the low 60s with a slight chance of showers by Thursday. Skies will clear as we go into the weekend and temperatures will rebound to the low 70s by the end of the weekend.


After 12 years without a major hurricane landfall, this season unfortunately seems to be making up for lost time. And Irma was closely followed by Jose and Maria, both of which fortunately seem to be turning away from the US mainland, although Maria is definitely threatening some already impacted Caribbean Islands. One reader asked: “With two tropical storms so close together in the Atlantic last week, is it possible for one to catch up with the other and merge to create an even bigger storm? And has that ever happened?” The answer tomorrow.